Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No excuses, no apologies.

The thing about blogging while traveling, or even living in a new and different place for short time spans is that it’s….easy. Everything just sort of falls into place. Ten times a week you say to yourself, ‘can’t wait to blog about this.’ You try new things, meet new people, meet crazy people; you push boundaries. And then you write it down. It’s funny and witty and interesting, because it’s exotic and new and different.

The thing about blogging when you are simply living is that….well my primary concern is getting from one day to the next day, and to the next week, and to the next month. It’s less about the memoirs and more about establishing myself and a community and a life. I meet someone crazy and I say, ‘shit this person is crazy. I’m gettin' me the hell outa here.’ I meet new people all the time, but if I write down their names it isn’t for the blog but for a date. Adventures no longer seem so adventurous; they just are part of life: good days, bad days, busy days and long nights. The city, the language, the culture, the people all lose that exotic something when I began to call this place home.

So bear with me as I try to relearn how to document life.


Roberto said...

Es muy cierto lo que decis, la rutina y la costumbre pueden quitarle lo exotico a las cosas.
Pero tb esta bueno echar raices en algun lugar...aunque sea por un tiempo.

Deberias escribir mas seguido en tu blog!

Julia said...

Claro que your mother isn't as insistent as mine, she loves the boring details, anyway, I like reading about them too so I'm glad you're back!